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in•dus•tri•al (ɪnˈdʌs tri əl)


  1.  of or pertaining to a type of the nature of, or resulting from industry.
  2.  having many and highly developed industries.
  3.  engaged in an industry or industries.
  4.  of or pertaining to the workers in industries.
  5.  used or appropriate for use in industry.
  6.  of or pertaining to a type of rock music characterized by heavy dissonant pounding. Compare techno.
  7.  an industrial product.
  8.  industrials, stocks and bonds of industrial companies.

WCI has been working with Industrial partners for the last 35 years. Our scope of expertise has expanded over the years from simple application of sealants and coatings to services demanded by our broad base of Industrial customers. These services include tuck-pointing on smokestacks, roofing truck facilities, and installing the latest in industrial floorings.  Our flooring services include crack repair, slab stabilization, concrete toppings, moisture remediation, epoxies, and mechanical diamond polishing. WCI crews can also be seen at municipal water treatment plants, dam and spillways, and underground working on subway systems.

Our Industrial Clients

  • Waste/Water treatment facilities
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Food/Pharma Processing
  • Paper/Pulp Mills
  • Smokestack/Boiler
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